Aspirators for the bathroom - extractor fan "Ecosystem"

It is a new modular product already realized for use in civil rooms.

It is suitable for the regeneration air, with suction cycles controlled electronically by means of different elements such as:

Humidity Sensor: (starts the vacuum in the presence of moisture and turns it off when it does not detect it)

Temperature sensor: (starts the aspirator if the ambient temperature exceeds the set value, for example 32 ° C)

Timer (the timer starts the fan with the power of ambient light and turns it off after a variable time of about 10 min)

Sequential Speed: If necessary you can increase or decrease the suction speed by using the + or - on the remote.

Infrared remote control: it has a basic programming of the factory but it can be varied at will.

Factory Reset button: it returns all manually changed settings to the factory defaults.

Edited by remote control programming: they can vary all parameters of the various sensors.

Very silent.

Made with high quality materials, equipped engine last generation EBM PAPST with radial fan with high efficiency.

It acts only when the environment requires it, making it also a great energy saving.


Extractor fan to glass "Ecosystem junior"

It is a new PROJECT for small size suction device may be applied to GLASS - WALL - CEILING. It is suitable for air renewal of any room.

Entirely designed with aesthetic characteristics similar aspirator "ECOSYSTEM" with which it can be pleasantly combined.

It features a micro 24 Volt motor with axial fan with 5 blades. External gravity shutter.


Dusting machine vacuum-seal for Rubber drawn

Machine of new conception suitable to dust  the rubber drawn, during production in continuous line. Equipped with vacuum-seal suction system and filtering chamber.


Machine for the drawn adhesive coating rubber

The simple machines for the rubber drawn adhesive coating. Each type of profile by adhesive bonding requires adaptation of small adjustments to the geometries of the various profiles or of simple equipment to conform according to need.



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